Product updates 2017-March-28

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Ultimate tool for customer journey analysis

Flows for analysis of customer journeys, improved attribution models and updated in-app documentation.

Current version number is always on the top of source code. Use ‘show source’ to check the version.

* Always reload your browser to see the new visuals (CMD+R on Mac, F5 on Windows).

Coming soon


  • Add an ability to create reusable blocks in the Email templates
  • Add “Design – Test – Evaluate” to Scenarios, Email campaigns, Web layers and Surveys
  • Redesigned Survey user interface


  • Google AdWords marketing integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Geo analyses 2.0

1.91 (2017-Mar-28)

  • Reworked “Flows” analysis with greater user interface available for everyone *
  • Attribution models manager now contains presets and has got improved UI
  • Fixed BigQuery issues with large tables
  • Improved in-app documentation
  • Event expiration checks changed from daily to hourly

1.91 (2017-Mar-16)

  • Protection for an accidental overwriting of open analyses and campaigns – automatic check when saving analysis or campaign if there doesn’t existing a newer version and if exists then it can can be viewed, accepted or replaced
  • Faster loading of new screen in whole app
  • BigQuery integration improvements – support for queries, jobs and tasks in both imports & SQL reports

1.90 (2017-Mar-08)

  • “Flows” are back, with more functionality than before
  • Integration with FB Marketing API: Custom audiences & Ads dashboards
  • Email policy can be set to hours (default for new projects changed to 12 hours, recommend also for existing projects)
  • The first load and reloads of Exponea are significantly faster
  • Campaigns now display a basic preview table before execution
  • Amazon Alexa integration is here (early access possible)

1.89 (2017-Feb-27)

  • New “Email campaign” feature for sending simpler email campaigns
  • Support for multilingual email campaigns
  • New algorithm for AI driven AB tests in WebLayers
  • New Expression builder in Data management
  • Custom response attribution models with advanced settings
  • Enable to add and edit catalog items directly from user interface
  • Slightly faster dashboard rendering

1.88 (2017-Feb-14)

  • Automatic AI driven AB tests added to WebLayers
  • Support for imports from Google BigQuery
  • New visual modifiers in report tables: summary, show value-as, visualize as a heatmap and highlight values

1.87 (2017-Feb-07)

  • New event segmentation!
  • Date-pickers added to date values filter.
  • New integration with (email services provider)

1.78 (2016-Dec-14)

  • New and a way faster implementation of tables & charts in Reports
  • Progressive loading of analyses into dashboards
  • Ability to use JSON webhook responses in Scenarios
  • Web layers evaluation for AB tested
  • Ability to search projects also by project token
  • Public dashboards are branded now

Known bugs:

  • Charts colors don’t have Exponea branding
  • Click on charts & tables doesn’t allow show customers and send campaigns
  • Sorting of tables doesn’t sort the chart
  • Time difference format in reports isn’t formatted properly
  • Time-picker window closes after user selects month/year from dropdown menu

1.76 (2016/12/02) – 1.77 (2016/12/06)

  • Exponea, 7Segments and Infinario now have unified design
  • Main navigation: Removed “Project” from the main menu
  • Campaign overview and Project Overview added to Dashboards
  • Personalized email preview for a specific email address
  • Allow copy of analyses and campaigns between projects
  • New recommendation strategy: Metrics based

1.64 (2016/10/18) – 1.75(2016/11/25)

  • Customer filters support brackets, e.g. (A or B) and (C and D) or E
  • Redesign funnels drill-down and conversion table
  • Web layers: add support for desktop/mobile targeting
  • Web layers: add inclusion/exlusion list for URLs that show layers
  • Redesign funnels drill-down and conversion table
  • Scenario AB split remembers variants for customers
  • Forecasting based on Markov process added Segmentation/Movements
  • Registration requires email and phone
  • Updating billing addresses on existing invoices
  • Improve import preview performance in URL imports
  • Redesigned funnel graph dropdown

1.63 (2016/10/14)

  • Initiatives – the new way for structuring campaigns and analyses
  • Improved onboarding
  • Revamped email node in Scenario designer
  • Personalisation added to Wait node in Scenario designer
  • added to Integrations screen

1.60 (2016/10/03)

  • New import wizard
  • Surveys, catalog items and recommendations enabled in Web Layers
  • Repeated triggers can be run multiple times per day from now
  • Public content URL support custom domains
  • Fixed Beefree editor incorrectly parsing email templates

1.59 (2016/09/22)

  • New class of dynamic attributes: Running aggregates
  • Various types of prediction available in beta access
  • Fixed broken Android payment validation mechanism

1.54 (2016/09/12)

  • More options for recommendation system
  • Changed in-app alerts behaviour

1.40 (2016/07/13)

  • Multiple-type recommendations in early access 
  • Make sure all CRUDS have Save as copy option
  • Remove Download CSV button from List Email Designs
  • Update UX for invoicing

1.36-39 (2016/07/11)

  • Collapsible navigation
  • Add date filter to metrics in jinja
  • Allow passing extra Jinja context to web layers
  • Use new analysis icon

1.35 (2016/07/05)

  • Add personalisation support to Web layers – Hi John, you’re viewing this page for 5th time!
  • Added Save as copy support to Web layers
  • Projects and user settings redesign, accessible from everywhere in modal box
  • Follow up on redesigned constraint filter dropdown
  • Emails now automatically set UTM parameters to links 
  • Personalization now support data from saved reports (aka reports in Jinja) – Sale go well +30% increase from previous week!

1.34 (2016/06/29)

  • On-event trigger in scenario now runs each 10 seconds (was 60 before)
  • Basin integration went modal

1.33 (2016/06/25)

  • Scenarios statuses updated & can be filtered
  • Allow filtering by tags in dashboard’s component picker
  • Add “Show customers” feature to Report analysis (click on cell in chart or value in table)
  • Add button to test campaign webhook requests and improve webhook UX

1.32 (2016/06/21)

  • Boolean filter improvement
  • Improve analysis screen UI

1.31 (2016/06/21)

  • Multi ID preparation
  • New property type filter