Release 1.78 (2016-Dec-14)

Jozo KovacReleases

1.78 (14-Dec-2016) New and a way faster implementation of tables & charts in Reports Progressive loading of analyses into dashboards Ability to use JSON webhook responses in Scenarios Web layers evaluation for AB tested Ability to … Read More

Product updates 2016-Dec-14

Jozo KovacProduct

Reworked table

Reports & charts load faster and can handle way more data. Webhook responses can be used for personalisation.

Release 1.76

Jozo KovacReleases

Campaign overview dashboard, better navigation, copy analyses between projects with ease and more.

Component-oriented CSS architecture

Lukas FrycProduct


  When building a large-scale application, structuring the code for ease of extension and maintenance is an important consideration. What people usually forget about is that even a CSS code should be architected properly. In … Read More

Exponea basics: Filters

Jozo KovacProduct

What would be the point of understanding user behavior perfectly if there wasn’t a tool for selecting users with specific behavior patterns, right? That’s why user filters is one of the most important features in analytics & campaigns … Read More

Analytics reworked

Jozo KovacProduct

You may have noticed changes in the analytics module. This article will explain what comes next. We design Exponea as a Direct Execution Ecosystem (Direct Execution is an ability to trigger a campaign by clicking … Read More