Release 1.78 (2016-Dec-14)

Jozo KovacReleases

New and a way faster implementation of tables & charts in Reports Progressive loading of analyses into dashboards Ability to use JSON webhook responses in Scenarios Web layers evaluation for AB tested Ability to search projects … Read More

Release 1.76

Jozo KovacReleases

Campaign overview dashboard, better navigation, copy analyses between projects with ease and more.

Component-oriented CSS architecture

Lukas FrycProduct


  When building a large-scale application, structuring the code for ease of extension and maintenance is an important consideration. What people usually forget about is that even a CSS code should be architected properly. In … Read More

Exponea basics: Filters

Jozo KovacProduct

What would be the point of understanding user behavior perfectly if there wasn’t a tool for selecting users with specific behavior patterns, right? That’s why user filters is one of the most important features in analytics & campaigns … Read More

Analytics reworked

Jozo KovacProduct

You may have noticed changes in the analytics module. This article will explain what comes next. We design Exponea as a Direct Execution Ecosystem (Direct Execution is an ability to trigger a campaign by clicking … Read More